The Atlantic: The Democratic Party is “kind of screwed.”

While Barack Obama was president, the mainstream media have created image about the Democratic Party where they were represented as supremely powerful party. That’s what they wanted you to think, at any rate.

Now the truth is stated and it’s painful for the Democratic Party. According to the reports they are crumbuling from within and they’re on life support.

And we’re not the only ones who notice the collapse of the Leftists.

What started soon after Donald Trump won the presidency has now become a critical situation for Democrats. Even its own members, like former vice president Joe Biden, have pointed out that the party is failing down.

Now, The Atlantic made it pretty clear: The Democratic Party is “kind of screwed.”

This from Poynter, citing journalists Molly Ball (The Atlantic) and Nia-Malika Henderson (CNN), speaking during the annual convention of the Midwest Political Science Association:

“‘I think the Democrats are kind of screwed at this point,’ said Henderson, underscoring what’s clearly the current consensus. ‘They thought Hillary Clinton would win and their bench is really, really thin.’

CNN’s Henderson wasn’t alone in this observation. The Atlantic’s Molly Ball agreed:

‘It will be fun to cover the Democratic civil war for a change,’ she said. ‘It’s hard to underestimate how screwed the Democrats are.‘”

And then they concluded that there is “no pipeline” of obvious Democratic talent.

According to many people the Democratic Party finally got what they deserve. They should have stood up for America instead of choosing an Obama agenda. When corruption runs rampant in any organization, it cannot last. Such is the Democratic Party.

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