“Beauty” Contest: Libs Declare Michelle Obama’s More Beautiful Than Arcuri and Naomi

It was proven once again that the Democrats are one of the best when it comes to rig something in their favor. There was an article that ranked Michelle Obama as 21st and Hillary Clinton as the 6th most beautiful women in the world.

Buzznet is a left-leaning entertainment website. Each year, they publish an annual list of the world’s most beautiful women. This year’s contest showed up that Michelle Obama is more beautiful than many stunning models.

Isn’t it strange having in mind that there are millions of models that can be considered as Queens compared to Michelle Obama.

Coming in at #25, four spots behind Michelle, is Italian super model Manuela Arcuri, who was recently featured as one of the most desirable beauties on the face of the planet according to the popular website askmen.com.

However, believe it or not, Michelle is more beautiful than Melania Trump or Ivanka Trump. It seems like there’s no place for conservatives!

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