Donald Trump wins trade concessions from China in first meeting!

When Trump was running for President, he promised he would negotiate us better trade deals with China.

At their first meeting in Florida last week, Donald Trump, the US president, and Chinese President Xi Jinping have agreed to a new 100-day plan for trade talks.

Almost instantly after Trump’s meeting with Chinese President, China came out with a new proposal.

Reuters reported: China will offer the Trump administration better market access for financial sector investments and U.S. beef exports to help avert a trade war, citing Chinese and US officials involved in talks between the two governments.

China is prepared to raise the investment ceiling in the Bilateral Investment treaty and is also willing to end the ban on U.S. beef imports, Financial Times reported.

President Donald Trump has NOT accepted their offer…yet. He was hoping to get more consolidation on two major issues they did no mention: goods production and currency manipulation.

Whatever, Trump did just manage to negotiate with China and this is absolutely unheard of. No President has been able to make China negotiate on Trade, not like this.


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