Lindsey Graham, One of the Fiercest Trump Critics, Favorably Compared Him to Reagan

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, who ordinarily never passes up a chance to put a dig in at Trump, on Friday likened President Donald Trump to former President Ronald Reagan, after Trump launched a missile strike against Syria, after President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.

The Washington Examiner reportedGraham told reporters Friday that Trump has the “instincts” of the 40th president and revealed that Trump called last night to discuss the strikes. He said that he told Trump how proud he was of the move and that he must think about what comes next.

He continued:

“I think the president feels like he took action consistent with our values as our nation and the world at large,” Graham said in front of reporters assembled at the Capitol. “The question for him now is is this the first step in a longer journey or is this one and done? I believe this is the first step in a longer journey.”

“All I can say about this president is he has the instincts of Ronald Reagan in many ways,” Graham said. “He’s an emotional man, but he’s also a very smart man. I think he feels that he did the right thing by those children, and I told him that a proportional response over time is going to be the elimination of a man who’s killed 500,000 people.”

Although many in Congress have said Trump needs to confer with Congress on future strikes, Graham disagreed.

“I’ve been a military lawyer for 33 years. The only constitutional requirement that exists regarding war is for Congress to put the nation in a declared state of war. The Constitution does not require the president get congressional approval to use military force.”

“To all of my colleagues who think that this president cannot act without your approval: you don’t understand the way the constitution works,” Graham continued. “Here’s your authority and power to do something about it — the power of the purse. If you don’t like what he’s going to do in the future or what he’s doing now, then you can defund these operations.”

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