B.H. Obama Admin Refused to Suspend Islamic Market Guilty of Food Stamp Fraud

The Agriculture Department’s Office of Inspector General checked out a Muslim market and made a huge discovery. Not only the feds discovered that the Sindibad Market was committing food stamp, but they found out the market made multiple fraudulent transactions with customers not eligible for welfare benefits.

The person who committed fraud was supposed to receive a one-year ban from attaining government food stamps thanks to the American taxpayers.

The interesting part is that the Obama administration granted them a pass and no one was banned from getting or receiving the welfare. The government stated that the meal from the market was relied on by the Muslim recipient, and Obama’s admin gave him a pass. If a vegetarian did the same act, could they get a pass at Whole Foods or Salad Works?

According to LifeZette, Maine Gov. Paul LePage is objecting to a break the U.S. Department of Agriculture under the Obama administration gave a halal market that made fraudulent food stamp transactions.

But federal officials told LifeZette the decision is final.

“If you have rules, you need to follow the rules. The problem with the previous administration is they were very, very weak on fraud.”

The market is located in Portland Maine. The name is Sindbad Market. According to the Agriculture Department’s Office of Inspector General, the market committed four fraudulent transactions with three customers not eligible for benefits.

The owner of the market was also involved in one of the transactions and that would bring him a one-year suspension of the ability to accept food stamps.

But an attorney for Sindbad Market asked for and received an exemption in September on grounds that suspension would cause a hardship for Muslim food stamp recipients, who rely on the market for its preparation of halal meat, in accordance with Islamic law.

The market is fined with $33,000 instead.

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  1. Dr. Ben Carson’s group at HUD found over $500 million in questionable accounting practices and fraud. When the Dept. Of Agriculture is audited, they will find many more examples like this….millions of dollars of questionable expenses!

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