Ivanka Trump Destroys The Liberal Haters Attacking Her Over Accepting White House Job!

Ivanka Trump will become a government employee in the coming days, the White House told media. President Donald Trump‘s elder daughter recently decided to take a job and now she is joining the White House in an official role. Ivanka will be an unpaid employee working in the West Wing.

But the jealous Democrats are still not pleased about this. Ivanka Trump responded in a very clever way.

“I have heard the concerns some have with my advising the president in my personal capacity while voluntarily complying with all ethics rules, and I will instead serve as an unpaid employee in the White House Office, subject to all of the same rules as other federal employees,” said Ivanka.

“Throughout this process I have been working closely and in good faith with the White House counsel and my personal counsel to address the unprecedented nature of my role,” she said.

“We are pleased that Ivanka Trump has chosen to take this step in her unprecedented role as First Daughter and in support of the President. Ivanka’s service as an unpaid employee furthers our commitment to ethics, transparency, and compliance and affords her increased opportunities to lead initiatives driving real policy benefits for the American public that would not have been available to her previously,” said Ivanka Trump to the New York Times.

However, this is making liberals go crazy. Radio producer Mike Williams wrote a few sarcastic and ghastly tweets towards Ivanka. “Bless Ivanka for doing an unpaid internship at the WH. Hope she can at least get her travel expenses covered otherwise she may struggle. Oh, that’s right, she’s the daughter of a billionaire and the president. Carry on, nothing to see here. It’s wonderful how Ivanka has “chosen to take this step”, which translated is obviously the most painful example of white privilege going,” he wrote.


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