Happy 11th Birthday to Barron Trump!

It is today, March 20, that the youngest and cutest member of the First Family is turning 11 years old. By now you have probably guessed it – it is Barron Trump’s birthday, and both mom and dad worked together to get something wonderful for the special day of the young gentleman and make it into a day that he will remember.

As of right now, we don’t know what he got for his birthday, but we know that he has one of the best gifts already – a loving and caring mother and father, as well as a whole family behind him that loves and supports him, and that will be showering him with attention and love today.

They are probably going to be all seated together in a classy, warm, and home atmosphere, hugging Barron and showering him with gifts and best wishes, as he is enjoying his birthday dinner party.

It is without a doubt, a big day for the young man. Even the social media websites are going crazy with people from all over the world sending our dear Barron their best wishes and lots of love!

Let’s leave all the politics aside and talk about the important things in life – family. Barron is an amazing child, he is intelligent, smart, and despite all the fame and wealth, he is focusing on his school, which makes it clear that he is as hard-working and workaholic like his father.

Despite being the child of the President, he is still down-to-earth and that is the main reason why we will always love and support him.


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