Hawaii takes in 0 refugees from the banned countries and leads the legal challenge against Trump’s order on immigration

According to Newsline, Hawaii’s General Attorney Doug Chin has expressed some very strong views against the order, saying it “discriminates against persons based upon national origins” and “violates our nation’s freedom of religion.”

The problem? Hawaii takes in zero refugees from the nations blocked in Trump’s order.

In 2015, Hawaii brought in a whopping seven refugees; one from the Ukraine, one from China and five from Burma – none of which are Middle Eastern countries notorious for exporting extremists.

So, as Steven Crowder puts it, “Hawaii is doing now what leftists worldwide do every day: change and enforce the rules for everyone but themselves.”

“The State of Hawaii will certainly not have any major role when it comes to refugee relocation,” reads the Newsline article. “The state however wants to play a major role in molding the immigration and resettlement policy through the legal process.”

The reality is that Hawaii is restrictive for refugees because of both the high cost of living and its location. In other words, Hawaii is the definition of an elitist state that wants to influence what the rest of the nation does.


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