Wikileaks releases letter from McCain’s election campaign requesting a financial contribution from Russia

Arizona Senator John McCain has spent the last few months repeatedly criticizing Donald Trump for supposedly conspiring with the Russians during the presidential election.

Now, a WikiLeaks document has just revealed that the US Senator could face criminal charges.

McCain stands behind the fake Russian dossier that claimed Trump had trysts with prostitutes in Moscow hotels to FBI director James Comey. The senator also called the Russian hacking of Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s emails an “act of war.”

With all of his criticisms of Russia, WikiLeaks recently released 2008 documents showing McCain asked Russia for illegal donations to his campaign.

In response, Russia gave the following statement:

“We have received a letter from Senator John McCain requesting financial contribution to his presidential campaign,” they noted. “In this connection we would like to reiterate that Russian officials, the permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations or the Russian Government do not finance political activity in foreign countries.”

It is illegal for U.S. candidates to solicit foreign money for campaign donations.

This letter shows that John McCain is both a hypocrite and a criminal!

Wikileaks staff have verified the authenticity of the document. Obviously the statement is designed to undermine the McCain campaign and is an extremely interesting Russian intervention into US domestic politics. It remains to be seen whether the play, which lacks subtlety, will backfire and generate support for McCain.


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