Obama spent $78,000,000 on pro-Obamacare TV ads just to sabotage President Trump!

Republicans just uncovered another SICK scandal committed by President Obama literally MONTHS before he left office.

Documents obtained by the New York Post revealed that Obama spent $78,000,000 on pro-Obamacare advertisements just to sabotage President Trump!

The documents reveal that Obama handed a series of multi-million dollar contracts to PR firm Weber Shandwick between July and September 2016.

To make it even worse, the Chairman of Weber Shandwick is Jack Leslie. That is the SAME Jack Leslie who Obama appointed to be the head of the African Development Foundation in 2009. This wreaks of racketeering.

Oh, and did I mention that Jack Leslie was also a big Obama and Clinton donor?

So, to sum it up for you, Barack Obama gave almost Tens of Millions of YOUR tax dollars to his friend’s company in an effort to upstage our Republic by BRAINWASHING his followers.

When Donald Trump learned of this TREASONOUS act, you can bet he was PI$$ED. His White House released this statement condemning this Obama scandal,

“Tens of millions in hard-earned taxpayer funds spent on TV ads won’t sell a fundamentally flawed approach to health care.”

No, it won’t sell it. However, it could have fixed a LOT of roads or helped to fund our HORRIBLY defunded military.


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