25-Year-Old Document Shows That Bill Clinton Fired U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions

The mainstream media and left are currently freaking out over Attorney General Jeff Sessions firing 46 US Attorneys who were appointed during President Barack Obama’s regime.

The manner of their outrage would suggest President Trump is breaking all rules of decency and that this type of action has never happened before.

That’s what they are saying:

They scolded him for his move, but they will hide the other half of the story that completely justifies his actions.

A 25-year-old letter was uncovered showing that Sessions, back in 1993, was asked for his resignation letter by then-President Bill Clinton after he won the election.

How ironic.

Back then, U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions was a victim of a partisan legal cleansing by Bill Clinton — however, there was no outrage at the time.

But now, Attorney General Sessions does the same thing Clinton did in 1993 and the entire Democrat party goes into meltdown mode.

The fact of the matter is that Trump and Sessions fired MUCH FEWER appointees than previous Democrat presidents.

Double standard detected. Also, here’s the document:

Is there no end to liberal hypocrisy?


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