Gay Activist Dan Savage ‘Savages’ Melania Trump

Just a day after the First Lady Melania Trump received a record-high approval rating, she learned that not everyone can stand her. Her haters are usually the most violent, as it was proven today when she was brutally attacked while getting ready to go to NY. She was attacked by the last person she ever would have expect to turn on her with such aggression.

Melania has had a huge success at her Women’s Day luncheon Wednesday with many incredible moments. The most incredible moment was when she shared a personal sentiment of empowerment, having overcome communism and successfully making it in America as an immigrant. This should’ve silenced all her haters, but instead it only infuriated them even more, which led to an all-out verbal assault by someone she assumed was her advocate.

Melania has made it clear that her platform will be to end the bullying epidemic in America, so it came as a surprise today when well-known gay-bullying opponent, Dan Savage, verbally attacked the First Lady, beginning with “I f*ing hate Melania Trump”.

“God knows there’s enough hate in the world and I don’t want to add to the sum total, but forgive me, I have got to get this off my chest: I f—ing hate Melania Trump,” Savage announced in his podcast, according to Freedom Daily. He then went on to say that even liberals are too soft on her and view her with undeserved “sympathy” only for the fact that she’s “pretty.”

Dan Savage then went on to say that Melania is fake, and is hated by her husband Donald Trump. She is using her looks to hide an ugliness inside her, said Savage. “She’s an immigrant who doesn’t give a s— about the plight of other immigrants,” Savage added.

This is another case which proves that the left is crossing the line. His tirade only proves who the real poser is here.


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