ABC, NBC and CBS Covered Sessions 7x More Than Eric Holder Being Held in Contempt of Congress

It seems like ABC, CBS, and NBC tend to pack their program schedule releasing stories about Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his communication with the Russian ambassador. That wasn’t the case of Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder. This was confirmed in the latest Media Research Center study.

The MRC compared the coverage of Sessions and Holder. We all remember how Holder didn’t accept to provide information for the investigation into the Fast and Furious gun running scandal.

Holder got 10 minutes and 38 seconds, as MRC managed to calculate. “The morning of the vote to hold Holder in contempt, the three morning shows carried a combined 91 seconds of the story,” Breitbart reports. Things didn’t change in the evening broadcast either, and only NBC releases the full story. Can you consider a 2-minute broadcast to be something they call “full story” or is this some kind of a joke? ABC and CBS dedicated just 35 and 30 seconds respectively, as MRC revealed. NBC was the only network to release a full report in the next day.

Sessions was more “popular.” CBS dedicated 28 minutes and 42 seconds of their program to his story. NBC gave Sessions 25 minutes and 12 seconds of their time. ABC gave exactly 18 minutes and 39 seconds to Sessions’ story.

The three networks covered the story about Sessions and his meeting with Kislyak 6.8 times as much as they released the news about Holder being held in contempt of Congress.

Democrats were waiting for anything like this to happen, as they seem to be thrilled about bashing Sessions. This is the opportunity of their lifetime, as they didn’t stop talking about it.


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