Big Drop in Number of Illegals Entering US Through its Southwest Border!

Articles from the Credentialed Media discusses the fear created by Trump’s policies for those who are unlawfully present in the United States. Here’s the thing: perhaps the policies are meant to provide fear to those who might still consider coming to the US illegally in order to reduce the flow into the U.S. The issue of immigrants got out of control during Obama’s last months in office, but President Trump got it fixes.


Numbers show that the President managed to reduce the illegal immigration across the southwest border. There was a significant dip in illegal immigration across the southwest border during President Trump’s first month in office compared to that of the last three months of Obama’s presidency. This was confirmed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

In January, 31,575 individuals were taken into custody between ports of entry on the southwest border. That contrasts with an average of more than 45,000 for each of the previous three months, according to a CPB report released Monday.

This says a lot. But, although the number of illegal immigration is lower than the previous months, the CBP reports show an increase of the total migrations which includes families and unaccompanied children from Central Americans, Haitians who migrate from Brazil, and Cubans.

Jim Carafano, a security expert with the Heritage Foundation, said an assortment of factors could account for the change in numbers.

“There are a lot of reasons why numbers go up and down, but some of it could be a reaction to statements from President Trump that we’re going to increase border security and seeing media reports that we’re going to get tougher on illegal immigration in the U.S. People may be more resistant to come,” Carafano said for Fox News.

“You can’t make too much of monthly numbers, but if you see the total lawful immigration population drop, that means you’re doing something that’s impacting the system overall.”

A senior Trump administration official revealed that President Trump may approve a pathway to legal status. This doesn’t involve citizenship, of course. He also revealed that the President feels it’s “time to push for an immigration bill.”

Maybe the border wall will solve the issue, but as President Trump said, its construction is “way, way, way ahead of schedule.”


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