What Trump is About to do to The Muslim Brotherhood Has Libs in a Panic

Reports have circulated that under the Trump administration, the United States will finally join a growing list of countries that designates the Muslim Brotherhood as what it is — a terrorist organization. Of course, the left can’t have the truth getting out, so the New York Times has gone on a propaganda tour lauding the “virtues” of the Brotherhood, a group that seeks to push Sharia law around the world, create an Islamic caliphate and has violent terrorist offshoots (i.e. Al-Qaeda, Hamas).


Despite the fact that the U.S. finally designating the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization would put us in step with several other countries, including Muslim nations such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, the Times is still aghast by the suggestion and has ran articles disturbingly lauding the virtues of the Brotherhood and claiming that taking a strong stance such as this would alienate Muslim nations.

Oh no, we can’t put the proper designation on a group because certain terrorist apologists might have a problem with it. Well, here’s the scoop — if they’re bothered by this common-sense move they will have given us a sterling example of where they stand, and isn’t that good to know?

The Times has run story after story essentially whitewashing the violence committed by groups connected to the organization and the massively important fact that the group wishes to impose Sharia law — a dangerous and oppressive ideology that has no place in a civilized world.

Breitbart reported: “The Times’ advocacy for the Brotherhood is particularly noteworthy since it separately posted a full Arabic document from 1991 in which an Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood member set forth a strategy for ‘eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within,’ with emphasis on operations inside the U.S.”

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at Israel’s Center for Special Studies analyzed “founding Brotherhood documents and original literature by Brotherhood leaders,” according to Breitbart.

Take a look at what the Center had to say about the Brotherhood and their aims in a report:

Unlike the militant factions of other Islamist movements, which completely rule out democracy on the basis of it being a Western, pagan, and ignorant idea, the Muslim Brotherhood does use the term “democracy.” In its view, however, it has two main connotations: a tactical, instrumental means of taking over countries through the use of the democratic process, and an “Islamic democracy” based on Sharia law (i.e., Islamic religious law) and a model of internal consultation within the leadership.

[Brotherhood Founder Sheikh Hassan] Al-Banna listed seven stages to achieve these objectives, each to be carried out in a gradual fashion. The stages are divided into social and political: the first three are based on educating the individual, the family, and the entire society of the Muslim world to implement Sharia laws in every aspect of daily life. The next four stages are political in nature, and include assuming power through elections, shaping a Sharia state, liberating Islamic countries from the burden of (physical and ideological) foreign occupation, uniting them into one Islamic entity (“new caliphate”), and spreading Islamic values throughout the world.

This is what the Times and the left love to defend.


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