Donald and Melania Trump will be funding their vacations with their own money – Michelle Put To Shame!

During her husband’s sham of a presidency, Michelle Obama enjoyed spending millions of our tax dollars to fund lavish vacations for herself and her daughters. Melania Trump, however, has no intention of wasting our hard-earned tax dollars on her own lifestyle.

Freedom Daily reported that Donald and Melania Trump have announced that they will be funding their vacations with their own money, rather than our tax dollars. In addition, Melania has said she will not hire a single staffer that is not absolutely essential to her role as First Lady.

This could not be more different from Michelle’s approach to the job, as she wasted our tax dollars on hiring an enormous staff for herself just so she could feed her own ego.

This comes days after the president defended his wife, saying the mainstream media has treated her “so unfairly.”

“I think that Melania’s going to be outstanding,” he said. “She – like others that she’s working with – feel very, very strongly about women’s issues, women’s difficulties. She’s a very, very strong advocate. I think she’s a great representative for this country.”


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