Chelsea Clinton Calls Trump’s Illegal Immigration Ban ‘HORRIFYING’, Broaddrick Responds

When referring to something as “horrifying,” “sick” or “awful,” it helps if you have a father who isn’t an accused rapist.

Chelsea learned her lesson on Twitter after she wanted to express her dissatisfaction with the new orders that may enable an illegal immigrant’s deportation.

When she posted on twitter, she caught Juanita Broaddrick attention, who is the woman that claimed Bill Clinton had raped while working as the Attorney General of Arkansas.

Here was Chelsea’s tweet from last Wednesday:

Unmentioned in Chelsea’s remark was that the transgender “woman” in question, who had already been deported seven times before this, had a history of committing domestic violence, among a panoply of other offenses — illegal re-entry, larceny, assault, false imprisonment (no less than three times) and probation violations were among the laundry list of crimes listed by KVIA-TV.

Having in mind what the transgender woman did, the words that Chelsea used to describe Trump administration, including “sick,” “awful” and “horrifying”, are simply over the top.

Broaddrick worked in a former nursing home as an administrator and publicly blamed Bill Clinton in 1998 of raping her back in 1978.

The Clinton machine has long ignored Broaddrick and her allegations, even though she’s maintained her story for almost 20 years.

Chelsea Clinton doesn’t have her facts straight and the same can be said of her priorities.

And let’s mention about all the other women aside from Juanita Broaddrick that have been dealing with the same- Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones and others.

Could you imagine the number of women who never had the courage to come forward with these accusations, but have actually experienced them?

Chelsea Clinton needs to clear her mind and take a look at the factual situation before speaking trash on social media.

Even more so, she should just keep quiet for a while- she doesn’t have anything to say that’s worth hearing.


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