McCain’s New Sick Attack On Trump!

A week ago John McCain ATTACKED Trump before a European gathering of people in Germany.

This Sunday, Senator McCain contrasted Trump with a dictator. On Monday, we ought to genuinely fire this person. Am I right?


On Meet the Press, John McCain said the accompanying in regards to Trump:

“That’s how dictators get started … They get started by suppressing a free press. In other words, a consolidation of power when you look at history the first thing dictators do is shut down the press. And I’m not saying President Trump is trying to be a dictator I’m just saying we need to learn the lessons of history. “

Watch the video via Meet the Press:

John McCain trusts that Trump reacting to the liberal media distributing fake news stories is a terrible thing. Give me a chance to make this reasonable…

In the event that Trump is such a fascist dictator or rightist tyrant, then why does everybody SLANDER his name in the media all the time without dread of backlash.

I’ll give you a clue. This is on the grounds that he’s not a dictator.


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