First Lady Melania opens President Trump’s campaign rally with Lord’s Prayer

Melania Trump has been under a lot of attacks by the mainstream media in the recent time. They’ve been attacking her for her nationality, for her English, for her past… But we can all AGREE that she is one of the classiest First Lady of the United States EVER!


On Saturday, Donald Trump headed to Melbourne, Florida to give a speech to his devoted supporters. Before the president spoke, however, the crowd was treated to a surprise that few were expecting.

Daily Mail reported that Trump was introduced by his wife Melania, which was a bit of a shock since she has stayed very quiet ever since her husband was inaugurated.

Melania went on the stage gracefully, and surprised everyone at the very first moment she started to recite the prayer. She did it with dignity and magnitude. First Lady Melania found the best way to introduce her husband, the President of America. We cheer to that, and love her initiative to take part of her husband’s presidency. That’s how real women behave, and respect their family and their country.

It’s so refreshing to have a First Lady who is not ashamed to publicly praise God!

She then hugged President Trump and promised to “stay true to myself and be truthful to you,” adding to the audience, “my husband is creating a country of safety and great prosperity.”

President Trump said he was surprised his wife had recited the Lord’s Prayer, but he added that he was very proud of her for doing so.

First Lady Melania looked gorgeous in her red dress, but that’s what she always does. She is smart, beautiful, intelligent, and amazing. Melania Trump fits the first lady profile perfectly.


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