If Saudi Arabia is afraid of the migrants coming in from Pakistan, than We probably should be as well!

This is why Trump included Pakistan on his temporary travel ban list along with six other countries known to have strong ties to terrorism.

Democrats are still claiming that Donald Trump is Islamophobic because of his temporary travel ban that banned immigrants from seven nations from entering the U.S. However, something has happened in Saudi Arabia over the past few months that proves Trump really is just trying to keep us safe, and that his fears of the migrants from these seven countries are justified.

The Independent reported that almost 40,000 Pakistani migrants have been deported from Saudi Arabia since October of 2016. The government has cited terror fears as their reasoning for deporting over 39,000 Muslims from their country.

A portion of the Muslim migrants that were deported committed crimes like drug trafficking, forgery and theft. However, many of the others were individuals that the government believed had ties to ISIS and other terrorist groups.

Many politicians in Saudi Arabia have urged their government to employ a more thorough vetting process on refugees.

“Pakistan itself is plagued with terrorism due to its close proximity with Afghanistan. The Taliban extremist movement was itself born in Pakistan,” said Abdullah Al-Sadoun, chair of the security committee of the country’s Shura Council.

If even Saudi Arabia, a Muslim nation itself, is afraid of the Muslim migrants coming in from Pakistan, than we probably should be as well.


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