Why We Need a TRAVEL Ban Till we know who’s really coming into our country! – (2 videos)

Muslim Migrants Brutally Beat And KIDNAP Woman

Ever since Donald Trump signed his temporary travel ban, the mainstream media has been trying to portray Muslim migrants as completely innocent people who mean no harm to the Western world. That’s why the liberal media has been ignoring the situation in France, which has taken in so many refugees that they have descended into a state of violent chaos.


Over the weekend, Muslim migrants organized violent riots against police in the Paris suburb of Bobigny. There they set fires and abused police officers as they made it clear that they have no intention of behaving until France submits to Shariah law.

The Gateway Pundit reported that now a disturbing piece of video footage has surfaced showing a woman be dragged out of her car and beaten by Muslim migrants. After the woman is assaulted, the refugees threw her in the trunk of a car, kidnapping her. When a man tries to intervene and rescue the woman, the Muslims shoot him.

The status of the woman and the man who tried to rescue her are not known at this time…


’60 Minutes’ Tries To Dialogue With ‘PEACEFUL’ Muslim Refugees – Moments Later Their Very Lives Are In DANGER

Liberals in America want us to believe that refugees pose no threat to our safety. What a great lie!

A 60 Minutes crew went to Sweden to do a feel-good piece about the wonderful impact Muslim refugees from places like Syria have had on the nation.

What the camera lens caught instead was a violent attack on the reporter and news crew.

The journalists were forced to duck for cover after the Muslim refugees brutally attacked them and forcefully threw objects at them. It does not seem assimilating into the culture of their new land is at all a priority for the Muslim refugees in Sweden, or in many other European countries.

Blindly allowing anyone who wants to come into America the privilege to do so is dangerous.

We don’t know who is in our country now, and Liberals want to allow even more improperly vetted migrants, who are potential terrorists, to live among us.

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