Liberals Call For Joy Villa To Be KILLED After She Wears ‘Make America Great’ Dress At The Grammys


We couldn’t wait for the big Grammys event. It’s flashlights, celebrities, awards, dressers… Oh, wait, dresses?! Yes! Dresses in every meaning of the world. You know what’s this all about. Joy Villa and her magnificent dress. That should do it. Villa succeeded to put the Internet on fire after she appeared at the Grammys with her gorgeous dress. Did you see her?


We can freely say that this was an act of honor. The singer pulled out the best dresses ever, and she honored President Donald Trump, and every American on the planet. But, not everyone loved her dress. Or should we say liberals hated it? That’s not all. The Internet exploded after Villa wore her beautiful “Make America Great Again” dress at the Grammys. It’s terrible how people allow themselves to go this far and spread hate. Villa didn’t do anything but wore a nice dress to express her support for the President and his fight for the goodness of every American.

The hate flows from the left. It was only a matter of time. People want Joy Villa killed after she wore the Make America Great again dress to the Grammy’s.

Liberals poured out Tweets of hate. It’s terrible. If you only remember how liberals called President Trump “racist,” “sexist,” and everything else. Can it get even than worse? Yes, it can. Some even went that far to call for Joy Villa to be killed. People went crazy. This is the horror of modern society. Social networks turned into a battle field. Instead of sharing good thoughts, people write the worst that pops in their mind.

You’d be disgusted with the following tweets. It’s impossible that the human mind can go that far. Someone should stop this. Maybe President Trump will protect Villa, and everyone who tries to plant hate in America.

These people are sick. Joy Villa stood up for what she believes in and the left is doing everything they can to tear her down. You know what absolutely drives the left insane? When someone like a Milo or Joy Villa shows their Conservative beliefs. It drives them completely insane.

What do you think about Villa’s “Make America Great Again” Dress?


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