Report sheds light on Ivanka Trump’s husband Jared Kushner’s ‘shadow secretary of state’ role

The First Family was gathered during the presidential elections, and they all worked together in an effort to push the campaign to this level. The Trumps worked together, and their fire helped President Donald Trump become a president. Ivanka, Melania, and even Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner…


It turns out that Jared did a lot more than it was ever revealed. Sources say that he had a pretty important role in the campaign, and even President Trump called him “a tremendous asset…throughout the campaign and transition.”

Jared keeps working for the President. His role was kept secret, and nobody talked about the achievements he made so far, because everybody was so focused on the new administration. He’s not just working. Jared is sort of an intermediary between President Trump and foreign leaders.

Washington Post reports that considering every activity Jared was involved into, he may be a “shadow secretary of state, operating outside the boundaries of the State Department or National Security Council.” Jared played important role in the “business” between America and Mexico.

Jared actually drafted the President’s speech about the Mexico issue. Sources say that he worked for hours on pulling a meeting between President Trump and the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The controversial wall and the costs regarding it heated the conversation between our President and Nieto, and the meeting was eventually cancelled.

“…(Kushner) has become the primary point of contact for presidents, ministers and ambassadors from more than two dozen countries, helping lay the groundwork for agreements,” the Washington Post wrote.

It’s good to see that President Trump has such confidence in his son-in-law. This isn’t that strange if you take into consideration the potential Kushner hides. He’s already working pretty hard to help the President solve important issues. Who knows, maybe Kushner will eventually help our President solve the conflict in the Middle East.


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