Michelle Obama To Star On New Reality Cooking Show

Michelle Obama was never revered as a great, or even mediocre cook. In fact, many folks felt that her school lunches rivaled jail food.

Nonetheless, Michelle will now be heading up a cooking show! (???!!!*##@!)


Michelle Obama — former first lady and dedicated enemy of taco Tuesday — will be joining the show “MasterChef Junior” as a guest judge.

“MasterChef Junior,” for the uninitiated, is a Fox cooking competition where Gordon Ramsay — a bullying celebrity chef/hyperkinetic waste of carbon and prescription amphetamines from the British Isles — berates unfortunate children for fun and profit.

Reports from the Los Angeles Times mention that “real” epicurean, Martha Stewart, and a few of the Muppets will also be
judges on the show.

An interesting judging panel, to say the least.

While the show seems to be fun and games, the fact that Michelle plans to stay in the spotlight now, even after she and her husband have left the White House, is concerning.

Generally, when presidents and their first ladies leave the Oval Office, they go back to some “gentlemanly” activity, such as working on a ranch or a peanut farm or doing whatever it is that Bill Clinton did (eeech, we can only imagine).

Of course, Michelle and Barak don’t plan to stop at this cooking show. Some ideas for her repeated appearances include an appearance on “Law & Order,” a one-shot cameo on “Stranger Things,” and a three-episode appearance as a misunderstood spy handler with a heart of gold on a “Burn Notice” revival.

As noted by the website, conservativetribune.com, “The possibilities are endless — and that’s unfortunate for an America that’s mostly suffering from Obama exhaustion and a Hollywood establishment that uncritically loves the former first family.”

What do you think? Is Michelle Obama just playing around, having fun being famous? Or does she have something more insidious in mind, such as a 2020 presidential bid?


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source: conservativeworlddaily.com


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  1. Considering the inedible crap this woman was trying to force on innocent children in their school lunches, it’s hard to imagine her being a judge on any cooking competition, she wouldn’t know good cooking if it hit her square in the face. I doubt that she’s ever even set foot in the kitchen, other than to bark orders at whoever is in charge of the cooking.

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