First Lady Melania Trump Stands Behind Her Son Barron And Protects Him From Reporters

Barron Trump is confronting challenges since the principal minute his dad was chosen. Reporters got their claws all over him, and the country got pretty angry about the attacks on the little boy. Be that as it may, First Lady Melania is here to secure her child.

The 10-year-old boy has to deal with everything this world has to offer, and maybe even much more. Katie Rich set out to make an unfeeling joke about him, saying that “Barron will be this present nation’s first self-teach shooter.” Her apologies didn’t save her, and she got suspended. Decent approach to blaze your vocation, Rich. She used social networks to bully the child, and no one is ever gonna get over it. Who on Earth assaults a child?


Weeks ago, the media exploded with the news that Melania will never live in Washington. That was fake to the point, that even journalists trusted it. The First Lady will spend these months with her son, Barron, in their penthouse in the Trump Tower. Ask why? The super-display thinks about the instruction of her child. That’s what every mother does.

Barron will be the primary male youngster in the White House since the season of John F. Kennedy Jr., and this forces him the part of the solid men he ought to develop in.

“The culture expects a boy to be strong, brave courageous, always to be able to fix things and do things on his own — not showing his feelings, because that’s what boys do,” explained Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph.D., family therapist and author from New York.

Eaker saw all the damage journalists did to the young men in the main minutes when his dad was chosen.

“It was 3 in the morning!” said Dr. Eaker Weil, 70. “Give the kid a break.’’

Stephanie O’Leary, Psy.D., 38, of Warwick, NY, says the same.

“I think that gender stereotypes exist. As a mom, I’m very mindful that he’ll be in his father’s shadow,’’ said O’Leary, the author of “Parenting in the Real World: The Rules Have Changed. Drop the Guilt. Handle Any Parenting Situation in 7 Simple Steps.”

“My biggest worry is how hearing everyone’s polarized opinions of his father will impact him.’’

“[President] Obama had detractors. But Barron risks hearing more catastrophic concerns about his father’s ability to govern.” The kinds of zingers flung at Barron — “I never heard anything like that said about [Obama’s] children.”

The First Lady will defend her son in every way possible. She’s doing the best for her child.

Do you support the First Lady? Did she make a good decision?


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