Trump Says Media is Covering Up Terror Attacks

Trump went after the media once again in a speech at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida. He revealed to his audience the news that media outlets don’t want to tell you.

“Radical Islamic terrorists are determined to strike our homeland as they did on 9/11, as they did from Boston to Orlando to San Bernardino, and all across Europe,” Trump said.

“You’ve seen what happened in Paris, in Nice, all over Europe it’s happening. It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported and in many cases, the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it. They have their reasons and you understand that,” said Trump.

We have all seen it. They will spend one minute on an Islamic terrorist attack and a week on something Trump wrote on Twitter that they didn’t like. The liberal elites who control the mainstream media often hide the religious meanings behind terrorists attacks. The reason they do this is because they make wild assumptions about Conservatives. They think that conservatives are a bunch of angry rednecks who will attack and hurt innocent Muslim Americans if they are honest about the link between Islam and terrorism.

Instead what they do is tell obvious and condescending lies. Everyone sees through it and it makes us angrier. The mainstream media needs to do its job and report what is really happening in the world even if it goes against their agenda.


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