Barron Trump Mocked In A Repulsive Play, The Liberal Media Refuse To Talk About It

Barron Trump stands by his father, President-elect Donald Trump at his victory speech in New York City, November 9, 2016, screen image via Legal Insurrection.

While President Obama was president of the U.S., both his daughters were kept off limits to the point that even articles about them vanished after the White House posed a warning. Nevertheless, now with a GOP president it seems that presidential children are once again the pray.

A play scheduled to open Saturday night in Chicago targets Barron Trump, the ten-year-old son of newly sworn in President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

The play, titled, “Barron Trump Up Past Bedtime”, stars local comedian Shannon Noll as Barron and is set for the Revival Theater in Hyde Park, the neighborhood of Trump’s predecessor former President Barack Obama. Melania Trump will also be targeted in character on stage. But the main target is President Trump.

Below is the theater’s synopsis of the play:

“Join Donald Trump’s youngest heir Barron Trump (as played by Shannon Noll) for a “Pee Wee’s Playhouse-style” show that features celebrity guests (Melania Trump, Ben Carson, and Vladimir Putin) patriotic games (Pin the Email on the Clinton), and fancy fun!”

The promo poster for the play features a photo of Barron during Donald’s address on Election Night:

  photo source: worldpoliticus

“When I set out to do this show, I did it to use [Barron] as a vehicle to comment on this administration,” Noll said for The Chicago Reader. She further said that she was motivated to take on the role due to her resemblance to Barron.

”I noticed that I looked like Barron Trump and I thought that would be an interesting approach,” she commented.

Noll’s play starts with Melania tucking Barron into bed for the night. Barron then stays awake to plunge into a fantasy world similar to Pee-wee’s Playhouse, only this one includes of Vladimir Putin and Ben Carson. When asked if she has any regrets about her disgusting play, Noll made explained that she has none.

“No, I sort of doubled-down,” she replied.

If there had ever been a show attacking Sasha Obama during Obama’s presidency, the media would be up in arms about it. Nevertheless, since Barron the target for mockery here, the media refuse to say anything about it.


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  1. Actually Shannon Noll said lewd comments about Barron on her twitter account, using his likeness without his consent and saying she had sexual acts with the 10 year old child should smack her with a lawsuit and charges brought against her.

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