Comic Legend Jackie Mason Crushes Madonna For Trump Remarks

The Comic legend, Jackie Mason, made a huge response to Madonna’s remarks about “blowing up The White House.”

Breitbart reports that Jackie Mason called Madonna a yenta, which is a yiddish work for a woman who is a gossip or busybody. “I don’t know why anybody even quotes Madonna about anything that she says at all,” started Mason.

“Here is a yenta who is out of control all her life and has lived a filthy, vulgar life all her life. And said all kinds of disgusting things. I remember when she once said that she is offering oral sex to anybody who would vote for Hillary Clinton. And did you notice she didn’t even get any offers?” he said.

He also added, “Nobody cares about anything she says because, let’s be honest about it. When she was sings, she sings for a hundred million people. When she talks, everybody disappears. Because everybody gets nauseous. She can’t talk and still make sense at the same time,” said Mason.

“And this deranged yenta, she’s like a walking whorehouse. First, she starts offering herself as a singer. But if you have no time to listen to her song she’s ready to take her clothes off. ‘Do whatever you want to me.’ She’s ready to make a deal with anybody for any price,” he said.

“So, all of the sudden she became an authority about what the President should do? And her political opinion became important? She doesn’t know what she is talking about,” said Mason. Do you think he’s right? Check out more here.


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source: usanewsflash



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