President Trump Opens Investigation into Obama DHS Hacking of Georgia Election

President Barack Obama was several times exposed for his scams, and evidence shows that he didn’t do that while while in office. People aren’t satisfied with the former president and his actions. Luckily, our new President Donald Trump will pull out every dirt, and polish our country. We miss our good ol’ shine.

It turned out that Obama’s DHS hacked into the election system of Georgia. This was pretty suspicious, and now the President is investigating the “incident.” Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security, John Roth is the head of this thorough investigation.

Roth’s final goal is to find the true reason for the unprecedented cyber attacks on Georgia’s election systems. He told Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp that the Inspector General is officially “investigating a series of 10 alleged scanning events at the Georgia Secretary of State’s network that may have originated from DHS affiliated IP addresses.”

Traces show that Georgia and Kemp were probably a target of the outgoing DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson.

From Daily Caller:

Federal officials have launched an investigation into why the Department of Homeland Security hacked into the Georgia state governmental network, including its election system, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

John Roth, inspector general for DHS, wants to know why the agency broke protocol on its way to 10 unprecedented attacks on the system overseen by Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp — who is also one of the most vocal critics about the Obama administration’s attempt to designate local and state election machinery as part of federal “critical infrastructure.”

A Jan. 17 letter from Roth notified Kemp his office was officially “investigating a series of ten alleged scanning events of the Georgia Secretary of State’s network that may have originated from DHS-affiliated IP addresses.” A firewall in Georgia’s system thwarted each attempt.

Former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and Kemp have clashed over a federal government designation of election systems as “critical infrastructure.” Kemp called it “political power play to federalize elections.”

Johnson sparked a firestorm among state-level secretaries of state — Democrat and Republican alike — when he announced Jan. 6, two weeks before leaving office, that he was unilaterally issuing the designation.

If Roth’s investigation shows Johnson or his subordinates deliberately used federal cybersecurity resources to penetrate a state election system in order to pressure a state official over a policy dispute, it could represent a significant scandal for Johnson and for the outgoing Obama administration.

The “scans” are attacks to test security weaknesses in a network. It’s called the electronic equivalent of “rattling doorknobs” to see if they’re unlocked — or on a darker side, to send a message to a recipient.

The final results will come out within a few months. The President will find even the tiniest detail associated with this scandal. He’s got his eyes on the corrupt politicians in Washington.

What do yo think about this investigation? Will it reveal the dirty secrets of the former administration?


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source: politicus


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