Mexico Would Stop Helping the U.S. in its Counter-Terrorism Efforts if Trump Builds Wall

If Donald J. Trump builds a border wall, one Mexican senator says he’s going to do something outrageous… here’s the shocking threat he just issued to the Trump administration and to America.

And this is the nation that we want to believe is our partner?

President Donald Trump has received backlash regarding his proposed border wall from liberals and Democrats in the United States, but he has recently also garnered the criticisms of Mexican leaders.

Mexican Sen. Armando Rios Piter told MSNBC that his country would stop helping the U.S. in its counter-terrorism efforts if Trump follows through with the planned wall along our shared border.

Piter’s comments about the situation come on the heels of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto vowing that Mexico would have no part in paying for Trump’s project.

Piter and other Mexican lawmakers were reportedly scheduled to meet with Nieto Friday to discuss “the possible course of action,” including the possibility of halting their anti-terrorism efforts.

“We should stop collaborating with the United States,” the senator said. “With this hostile administration specifically.”

Although the senator acknowledged that the two countries had been working together for years to protect North America from terror attacks, Piter was adamant that his country would fight back in some way against Trump’s plans.

He also commented on the president’s proposed 20 percent tariff on imports from Mexico, saying that his country would have to “analyze” the tax and determine how to retaliate.

Trump has insisted that Mexico will pay 100 percent of the costs associated with building the border wall, though he recently explained that U.S. taxpayers will front the costs until Mexico reimburses us.


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