Republicans look to Shut Down Michelle’s Horrible ‘School Lunch Program’

Michelle Obama has slipped more than once that she is “ashamed of her country”. But if there is one thing that America is ashamed of, is her school lunch program, which was a complete disaster. Instead of getting a nice tasty and juice meal, children were forced to eat pig slops, disgusting meals and moldy buns.

President Trump of course, won’t let this continue on any further and has decided to scrub off her stain of a program.

That’s why Rep. Mark Meadows has called for repealing portions of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, which is what helped turn Obama’s signature program into law.

The initiative is part of a document put forth by Meadows that calls on the Trump administration to reverse roughly 200 rules and regulations, including segments of the school lunch program.

It’s been widely documented that children are not eating what they’re forced to put on their plates, leading to such massive amounts of food waste that some school districts have resorted to feeding pigs at nearby farms the leftovers. This has led to an estimated 1.2 million students dropping out of the program altogether.

But it’s not just unpopular among students—it was burdensome and costly to implement for schools given the complicated rules and restrictions on fat, sugar, sodium, fruits, vegetables, calories, and whole grains. Some school districts even had to leave the program because the compliance costs were greater than the federal subsidies they received.

Kids, it seems, are looking to President Trump to make school lunches great again.


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