Melania Trump Hiring a Team to Fight Back Against Attacks from the Left

Apparently, First Lady Melania Trump is preparing to fight back against the liberal critics.

According to Page Six, the first lady “has had enough of left-leaning stars taking cheap shots at her and her son Barron,” so she is assembling a team of staffers that will help her manage attacks on her family.

She is working with a Vogue staffer and Met Ball organizer to select a chief of staff, a communications chief and a social secretary.

Since Donald Trump was inaugurated last Friday, there have been multiple criticisms against Melania and her 10-year-old son.

Comedian Chelsea Handler said she refused to interview Melania because she “can barely speak English,” and a “Saturday Night Live” writer tweeted that Barron Trump would be “this country’s first homeschool shooter.” 

Chelsea wrote:

Twitter responded:

“Shame on Chelsea Handler for attacking our first lady in such a despicable manner,” the president’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen said in a statement to Page Six.  “Don’t be fooled by her accent. Melania is bright and articulate. To be clear, our first lady speaks multiple languages, I believe five.”

“How many languages do you speak, Chelsea?”

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