Trump Replaces Crimson Curtains with Brand New Gold Ones

Shortly after being inaugurated as president of the United States, Donald Trump took to his newly redecorated Oval Office to get his presidency under way by signing a few pertinent executive orders. As with so many other things that have happened since Trump declared his candidacy, liberals found an excuse to lose their minds.

The issue this time was not the substance of what Trump was signing, but what liberals saw in the background while he went about it: the redecorated office.

According to BizPac Review, the change in decor began almost immediately after Trump took his oath of office, and included a return of the bust of Winston Churchill, different pictures hung on the walls, a different rug in the middle of the floor and a change from President Barack Obama’s crimson drapes to drapes of a gold hue.

It was the change in the drapes that really drew the snarky ire of liberals, as seen in the comments section of a report from The Hill and in the following Twitter post, which was a point of embarkation for a slew of attacks against the new president.

Many of the commenters called Trump’s taste “tacky” or “dictator chic,” while more than a few were unable to pass up the opportunity to reference the thoroughly debunked “golden showers” story.

One nearly hyperventilated on the computer screen.

“This isn’t a satire article,” the commenter wrote. “Dear god, this isn’t satire. What a tacky piece of trash.”

However, some of the more thoughtful commenters noted that the same gold drapes had hung in the Oval Office during the administrations of Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and claimed that gold drapes had initially been picked out by none other than first lady Jacqueline Kennedy in 1961.

Furthermore, the New York Post reported that it wasn’t even Trump himself who picked out the new decor for the Oval Office, but first lady Melania Trump, who met with the chief usher and curator of the White House to make the alterations earlier in January.

Changing the decorations of the Oval Office is standard operating procedure for every new president, but ultra-partisan liberals have made it quite clear that they will attack Trump for virtually anything he does, even if it is the same thing previous presidents — including liberal idols — have done.

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  1. Gold curtains look beautiful… Good job Melania…. now, please, please, get rid of that tacky muslim wallpaper behind the desk where Pres. Trump, was signing the first day….. that is downright Ugly!!!!!

  2. Gold drapes are very elegant and makes for a brighter look!
    Good job.. change is welcome and beautiful ! Please continue
    to update and make it your own! God’s Blessings on you all means Blessings on our country! Thank you for your service !!

  3. Melania you did an magnificent job and is very elegant. Decorate to your liking and forget about the liberals. We know that they don’t know anything about decor or anything else that matters. Enjoy your surroundings while you live there. Make it the finest. I love ❤️ you and your family.

  4. Melanie had nothing to do with it. It was all Trump. The curtains and everything else brought in came from the White House storage of previous presidents. He spent nothing on decorating. The only things new were personal items which also cost nothing.

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