Michael Moore Releases Disgusting Call To Action To End ‘The Trump Carnage’

Obnoxious liberal Michael Moore spoke at the anti-Trump riots and gave his followers a series of steps to sabotage Trump and his presidency. “I woke up this morning, picked up the Washington Post, and the headline read ‘Trump Takes Power’.I don’t think so. Here’s the power! Here’s the majority of America right here. Mr. Trump, we are here to vow to end the Trump carnage!” he said.

He gave them some instructions on you ‘end the carnage’. “On Monday, call (202) 225-3121. Call your representative and your two Senators, and number one we do not accept Betty DeVos as our secretary of education. That’s day one. Make it part of your daily routine,” said Moore.


“I want you to make this a part of your new daily routine: Call Congress every single day. Brush your teeth, make the coffee, walk the dog and call Congress.”

He gave the crowd more instructions such as ““Join Planned Parenthood, join the ACLU, join NARAL!” and “You need to form your own personal, rapid response team. All it takes is five to 10 people, that you will call or text when we have to move fast,” he said. Basically he is trying to build an army.

“We have to take over the Democratic Party!” he said the crowd. “God bless the Democrats who fought with us. Who’ve done so many good things. It’s no knock on them,” he said. Why does anyone listen to this idiot?



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