Michelle & her Dogs take one last walk through the White House

As the Trump’s inauguration draws near, it’s hard not to get ‘nostalgic’ as the Obamas prepare to leave the White House.

Yesterday, first lady Michelle Obama posted this video to Twitter and Instagram of her and her dogs, Sunny and Bo, strolling through the White House halls.

She captioned the video, “Taking it in on one last walk through the People’s House.”

Daily Mail reported that Michelle appeared to be trying to take in every detail of the mansion she’s lived in for the past eight long years. The video began in Cross Hall before Michelle moved into the South Portico side of the first floor, slowly taking in the East Room, Green Room, Blue Room and Red Room.

The video was posted two days before Michelle will move out of the White House with her family and into a multi-million dollar mansion in the wealthy Washington D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama.

This came after The Washington Post reported that Michelle and her team are currently hard at work laying the groundwork for what they intend to be a busier schedule than is typical of a former First Lady. Michelle has said she wants to remain in the public eye with her advocacy work, and after a short break, she plans to begin working with a small staff that will move into an office space in Washington D.C.

This staff is set to be led by Melissa Winter, who has been Michelle’s deputy chief of staff ever since Barack Obama took office. In fact, Winter was Michelle’s first hire during her husband’s 2007 campaign.

“Mel has been by my side from Day One. There is truly no one I trust more completely to make order out of chaos and take an idea from inception to execution,” Michelle said in an statement. “For the past decade, she has been one of my most trusted advisors and dearest friends.”



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