Hillary Seen Stumbling And Incoherent Out Of This Posh Restaurant

Hillary starts 2017 with a stumble!

She was recently spotted stumbling out of a Manhattan restaurant which just goes to show you that President-elect Donald Trump was right when he said that Hillary didn’t have the strength or stamina to be President.

It looks as if the simple act of walking on a perfectly flat surface is quite a hardship for the “Butcher Of Benghazi.”

Bill and Hillary dined with liberal actor Ted Danson at Milos in Midtown Manhattan and as they were leaving, a reporter for TMZ spotted one of her aides holding the door and an unruly umbrella for the loser while the Clintons were headed to their handicap equipped van.

As Hillary was exiting the restaurant to step onto the sidewalk, she looked as if she was having one hell of a hard time making it out the door.




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