A New Trend In Fitness For 2017 – Crawling!!!

Although at first view like an easy exercise, actually not, because it requires good coordination and will make sure if you try to do the right way. In this position the most activated is abdominal and back muscles.

The exercises are conducted under and do not require equipment to perform, as the main instrument is the weight of the body.

The crawl not only requires motor skills, but also include the vestibular system, sensory systems associated with balance and space orientation.

Experts believe that this method our body is restored to the state that was created, although not the most convenient exercise that you can do in public, the advantage is that you can perform anywhere in the apartment or house.

First it should go down on all fours, with your hands will be corrected and the back, neck and head in a horizontal line. Then easily lift in the hips so that your knees will be separated from the ground only a few centimeters.

Hands and legs move in diagonal, which means you have to remove with left hand and right leg, then right hand and left leg, lasting three minutes, all the time maintaining a flat body, holding his head up.

Try at Home it’s nice and easy exercise which does not need special equipment.

source: ehealth-vision.com


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