Obama Makes Fun of the Disabled on LIVE TV! Remember That, Meryl?

Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump speech continues to be at the center of attention even as we speak, but if you take a closer look at the facts you will see that every critical and disparaging word she has uttered is not well-founded.

The interesting thing here is, that our very own president Obama has made a revolting remark about disabled people back in 2007 while he ran for president. Obam said, “It’s like I’m in the Special Olympics or something,” while he was talking about his dumb bowling score.

From Yes I’m Right:

Well, what’s funny about that, is that Barack Obama, the liberal messiah, made an ACTUAL sick comment about disabled people back in 2007 as he ran for president. When Obama spoke about his crappy bowling score, he said “It’s like I’m in the Special Olympics or something.”

For those who don’t know, the Special Olympics comprise some of the best athletes in the world, that just happen to be disabled in one form or another. Obama comparing himself to them because he sucks at bowling is actually making fun of the disabled as a group. The liberals are quick to forget this, however.

Meryl Streep and the rest of the liberals that make up Hollywood might want to stop bickering and actually do some research before they deliver any disparaging comments about Trump.

source: WP



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