George Bush Put Obama To Shame in Front of the US Nation

As you probably know, every year, Barack Hussein Obama is flying to Hawaii for Christmas. There is nothing wrong with that except he spends $35 million of tax payers money to do this. This year that number will probably grow as Obama is currently on a 17-day trip to the state with his family.

This is starkly different than what Obama’s predecessor George W. Bush did each year on Christmas, who handled his December “vacations” very differently.

“Here’s the thing: In December, we never left Washington, D.C., until the day after Christmas,” journalist Joseph Curl wrote for the Washington Times. “Never. Mr. Bush and his wife, Laura, would always depart the White House a few days before the holiday and hunker down at Camp David, the presidential retreat in Maryland.”

After a few years of being curious, Curl finally asked a low-level administration official why this was the case.

“I still remember what she said,” Curl wrote. “’So all of us can be with our families on Christmas.’”

“Who was ‘us’?” Curl asks in his writing. “Hundreds and hundreds of people, that’s who. Sure, the reporters who covered the president, but also dozens and dozens on his staff, 100 Secret Service agents, maybe more, and all of those city cops required whenever the president’s on the move in D.C.”

This shows once again just how different Bush and Obama are. Unlike Obama, Bush was a President that put the needs of other Americans ahead of his own.




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