Only One STATE Gave Clinton So-Called “Popular Vote” Win

Reports are showing that Hillary Clinton’s supposed “popular vote” win is from one state – California.

“If you take California out of the popular vote equation, then Trump wins the rest of the country by 1.4 million votes,” columnist John Merline wrote for Investor’s Business Daily on Dec. 16.

Hilary and the Democrats complained about the popular vote for months. They won 2.8million more votes than Donald Trump on this election, but still lost. They were asking for a change because of the popular vote, but that won’t happen, because the electoral vote is the one that makes decision.

And the fact that Donald Trump didn’t campaigned for the popular vote speaks itself. He campaigned for the electoral vote. Didn’t wasted so much time in California, because they voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton. 4.3 million votes was the margin for Hillary Clinton in that state, or 61.5%.

Trump won 30 states compared to Clinton’s 20. Trump won 306 electoral votes to Clinton’s 232. Trump’s average margin of victory in states he won was 56 percent compared to Clinton’s 53.5 percent.

Look at these numbers compiled by IBD:

Number of states won:

Trump: 30

Clinton: 20


Trump: +10

Number of electoral votes won:

Trump: 306

Clinton: 232


Trump: + 68


Ave. margin of victory in winning states:

Trump: 56%

Clinton: 53.5%


Trump: + 2.5 points


Popular vote total:

Trump: 62,958,211

Clinton: 65,818,318


Clinton: + 2.8 million


Popular vote total outside California:

Trump: 58,474,401

Clinton: 57,064,530


Trump: + 1.4 million


This proves that Hillary is a regional candidate, and all the popular vote came from one country. The Electoral College should ignore the popular vote victory for Hillary.


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