WATCH! Obama rips media, says Clinton was covered unfairly

We’ve seen numerous “unfulfilled promises and truths” coming from President Obama during his mandates, but his latest speech surely has to be one of his biggest lies and nonsense speeches regarding Hillary’s treatment during the presidential election.

Now all of us know that the mainstream media is doing a terrible job on being subjective, by never missing a chance to bash Trump, but at the same time glorifying Hillary Clinton. however in keeping with her best friend, Barack Obama, she apparently wasn’t treated fairly.

Obama was asked by Josh Lederman about the reason Hilary lost the election: “Did Clinton lose due to the hacking?”

“I’m going to let all the political pundits in this town have a long discussion on what happened in this election… I don’t think she was treated fairly during the election”, stated Obama.

Yes you read that right, he said that she wasn’t’ treated fairly. Isn’t that ridiculous? If you ask us, it is true, she wasn’t treated fairly, and instead, she was treated FAR TOO WELL to be exact.

Why you might be asking yourself? Well, the liberal’s mainstream media was constantly giving out free passes to Hilary Clinton during the election, while Donald Trump was constantly being attacked. But no, Obama had to lash out at the press today that Hillary was “treated unfairly”. What a bunch of whinnies.


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