Ted Cruz – This is “Draining the Swamp”

Donald Trump promised to “drain the swamp,” and in the Washington post today, Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Ron DeSantis have an concept for the way to do just that: congressional term limits. when the 115th Congress convenes, Cruz (who is in his first term) and DeSantis (who could be starting his third term) will introduce a constitutional amendment that would put a 3term limit on members of the house and a twoterm limit on members of the Senate. “On Election Day, the american people made a resounding call to ‘drain the swamp’ that is modern Washington,” they write, and “passing term limits will show that Congress has actually heard the voice of the people.”

Capitol Hill is complacent right now, with the same power players making the same “backroom offers” and making and breaking the same promises, all for their personal enrichment at the expense of taxpayers. Legislators try to hold onto their posts as long as they can in order to gain extra power. But the Founding Fathers never intended to create “a permanent political class that existed parallel to, rather than enmeshed within, American society,” Cruz and DeSantis write, and enacting term limits will ensure “more frequent changes in leadership and within congressional committees, giving reformers a better chance at overcoming the Beltway inertia that resists attempts to reduce the power of Washington.


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