SHOCKING: New Benghazi Intel Just Leaked… Hillary And Obama Are Ferocious!

The Benghazi embassy attack in Libya that resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and his bodyguards has been a huge thorn in the flesh for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who denied any responsibility, for their part, in the deaths but new evidence continues to come out proving that narrative simply isn’t true.

The Ex-Special Forces and Anti-Terrorism Team Commander, Col. Andrew Woods, was given the important task of protecting Americans such as the Ambassador Stevens and other diplomats in the other violent parts of the Middle Eastern country.

From PJ Media:

 In October of 2012, Woods told Congress that one month before the attacks in Benghazi, his team had been removed from Libya by the Obama administration, despite the numerous warnings of impending terrorist attacks. Wood told Attkisson that Special Forces (the ones mentioned in the “spinning up” email from Jeremy Bash) were on their way to Benghazi, but were ordered to turn back.

However this isn’t the only overwhelming evidence against Clinton and Obama, there is more!

Col. Woods stated that:

“Those individuals I know loaded aircraft and got on their way to Benghazi to respond to that incident. They were not allowed to cross the border as per protocol until they got approval from the commander in chief”explained Woods. “That authority has to come from him or they’re not allowed to enter the country.”

The only conclusion we can come to from the evidence here is that president Obama intentionally allowed Ambassador Stevens to be killed.

The only speculation of why he did this is “ISIS”. Ambassador Stevens has been suspected to have been running guns to Islamic Jihadists that were the forerunners of ISIS, and for President Obama, Stevens was just a “loose end that needed to be tied up”. And it had been tied up.

Again, the previous paragraph is just speculation but the evidence for Obama’s involvement is overwhelming!


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